Setting up email accounts for your business is important in ensuring any contact made between you and a client is professional. Setting up multiple email accounts for your business also means that specific emails go to the correct person, i.e. sales emails go to the sales address and general admin goes to the admin email address. This procedure is written using Synergy and cPanel to create these business emails. We hope it helps!

In Synergy

1. Log in to Synergy

2. In the left hand purple menu bar, click ‘Hosting’, then a drop down menu will appear. From here click ‘manage

3. This will bring you to a page with a list of all your current hosting’s. Click on the one you want to set up an email account for.

4. From here, click the spanner icon for ‘Maintenance’

5. Under maintenance, click on cPanel Login

In cPanel

1. Scroll to the ‘E-Mail’ section then click ‘email accounts’. Press ‘Create’.

2. Enter the email address you want, and create a password. Be sure to save it somewhere safe. Change mailbox quota to ‘Unlimited’ and click ‘Create’.