What is Branding?

Branding is simply creating a positive image of your business in the eyes of consumers. Successful branding uses consistent themes and elements such as logos, colours, slogans, and brand names to establish a differentiated presence in the market. Branding is designed to make your business memorable, and be easily recallable by consumers. 

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Not Just for Big Businesses

Some people are lead to believe that branding is only something  for big businesses to do. That is not the case. Here at Advantage Media Group we believe branding is beneficial for all businesses, from local cafes to family run building companies and international retail stores alike. Branding is about turning what it is you do into something impactful. Your brand can subconsciously highlight your values and goals to your clients, without you saying a word.


Trends are constantly changing, adapting and growing. This means that in order to stay relevant to the market, you need to change and adapt with it. We offer a comprehensive rebranding service, helping you take the heart from your current business and transplant it into a modern, sleek new branding strategy. 

We can help you revamp your logo, give your website a makeover, and change up your colour schemes to have your brand looking – Brand New.  



Logo Design

Logo’s are important to create brand recognition. Consistent use of a memorable logo will help customers recall your brand. We offer a customised Logo Design service, working with you from concept to completion. 

Stationary Design

Customised stationary can increase the professional appearance of your business. Tailored business cards, envelopes, letterheads and email signatures can give you that competitive advantage. 

Colour Association

The design aspects of your businesses are really important. The colours you choose to represent your brand play a big role in customer choice. Choosing the right colours to capitalise on colour psychology will see your business grow.

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Want To Kick Start Your Branding?

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