Local Directories, also known as online business directories or citation listings, are one of the simplest ways to plant your business on the map (both literally and figuratively) in Google search. They are essentially free, easy backlinks – which are external links usually acquired as part of a more advanced marketing strategy. More than this, they provide value in and of themselves, as most directories see traffic in their own right. All of this might sound a bit airy-fairy, but the top two on our list everyone will be familiar with. The Australian White and Yellow pages had a long history as our physical business directories. They have, for all intents and purposes, ditched the book and made the move to online. Just as a refresher, a directory is an aggregated database of businesses around Australia, with the intent of providing contact details and basic information to users. There are now hundreds of similar online listings. We recommend taking the time to sign up for as many as you can. Not all are created equal, but each listing that you can put out there provides a small but, when done in volume, significant boost to your website’s SEO potential. Marketing experts agree that it’s a decent factor in Google’s algorithm, especially in consideration to local searches. Just to summarise, here are some of the benefits to signing up to local directories:

  • Easy SEO benefits
  • Cheap, often free exposure
  • Validates your contact information
  • Strengthening your business reputation and online presence
  • Builds trust and loyalty, as many have reviewing capabilities
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Provides access to targeted audiences through industry-specific directories
  • Attracts new customers

There is one crucial consideration before you throw your time at it. It is absolutely essential that the information, particularly the NAP (Name, Address & Phone) information, is consistent across the listings. This is to leave no room for confusion or error on Google’s part. This means if you choose to use a landline phone, and you thinking you might get interstate users, then include the area code each time. In fact, it’s best if you just copy and paste from a spreadsheet so there is no room for user error. Here are some of the most common inconsistencies made:

  • Choosing whether to include PTY LTD, for example, in your company name
  • Shortening street type like “road” to “rd” or “avenue” to “ave”
  • Using Unit 3 or 3/14
  • Deciding whether or not to use the country and area code in the phone number. If you have national and/or international clients, use them. Keep any pluses or brackets in the same place. For example, 02 4312 8111 and (02) 4312 8111 are different.
  • Spacing between the digits in your phone number (yes it might be that fussy)
  • Capitalisation in email (okay, maybe not that fussy, but can’t hurt to have consistency here)

I could go on, but I think you get the gist. The point is, it doesn’t matter which format you choose – just pick which way you want your details displayed and stick with it.

Now for the important part – the list. It’s in vague but not strict order of importance. You don’t need to complete listings for all 50 at once. Do it in batches. The important part is that you do it at all.

  1. whitepages.com.au 
  2. yellowpages.com.au
  3. truelocal.com.au
  4. wordofmouth.com.au
  5. dlook.com.au
  6. hotfrog.com.au
  7. localsearch.com.au
  8. startlocal.com.au
  9. yelp.com.au
  10. street-directory.com.au
  11. aubiz.net
  12. cylex.com.au
  13. localbd.com.au
  14. find-us-here.com
  15. aubiz.org
  16. yalwa.com.au
  17. aussieweb.com.au
  18. locanto.com.au
  19. bestinau.com.au
  20. tuugo.biz
  21. aroundyou.com.au
  22. australianguide.net
  23. localbusinessguide.com.au
  24. australianplanet.com
  25. 4wdaction.com.au
  26. nationaldirectory.com.au
  27. fyple.biz
  28. superpages.com.au
  29. bloo.com.au
  30. atozpages.com.au
  31. local.com.au
  32. localstore.com.au
  33. bisnzz.com
  34. a2ztradies.com.au
  35. everythingauto.com.au
  36. smea.org.au
  37. businessforsale.com.au
  38. ozbusiness.com.au
  39. starofservice.com.au
  40. pinkpages.com.au
  41. aussie-hours.com
  42. all-opening-hours.com.au
  43. goguide.com.au
  44. poter.com.au
  45. store-finder.net
  46. foursquare.com
  47. brownbook.net
  48. whereis.com
  49. 2findlocal.com
  50. infobel.com